The Organ Donors Present: VINCENT

by Human Conduct



...We left our hero(?), Vincent, dead on the outskirts of a Russian market, where he had convinced himself that his sense of nihilistic futility was Truth. As a vague nothingness swallowed his body (his prison cell), Vincent moaned and believed he was at the end.

The Brain looks on and laughs.

True, his tenure in turmoil had come to a halt, but this brief visit to the Existential Vacuum was simply another "phase" of his spiritual existence, not an extended stay. So his itch exasperated and the drama unfolded, yet the curtain closed and the story broke apart like burnt food scraps jetted off the sides of a pot by a flush of cold water. Our man(?) Vincent is left looking at himself from every angle, inside and outside. The only illusion left is light.

His body's dead and this does not signify the end. He stands on the edge of a body of water next to an unkempt canoe. A glowing sphere is off in the distance. It is neither the Sun nor a lighthouse beam. It is embryonic, perfectly round, warm, soft, and unidentifiable. He drags the canoe into the water, gets in, rows off. The music has never stopped playing...

(from the original liner notes 2007)


released October 9, 2012

Rick Weaver, Ari Schenck, N. Podgurski

Recorded Winter 2007 by Kevin Bernsten

(Reissue of Human Conduct HC048)

ltd edition c26 AVAILABLE NOW through New Firmament



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